About PT Cawandra Jaya Indonesia

Cawandra is named after the moon god “Chandra”. Chandra is described as a god who is young and beautiful, has two arms, and holds a mace and lotus.

It is said that every night he rides his chariot across the sky. His chariot is drawn by ten white horses.

The legend interprets the journey of a dream of an owner who is a young Indonesian woman, who sincerely and bravely wants to bring beauty to all elements of the world community to get the beauty they dream of. Starting from pioneering with one product, now Cawandra has provided more products as a form of beauty solutions for women in Indonesia.

Born from the desire to share kindness and the value of confidence through a variety of high-quality products, Cawandra’s mission is to become an Indonesian beauty company that cares about consumer needs, and aims to bring the best products to Indonesia.

Now Cawandra has served the needs of aesthetic clinics, beauty clinics, and medical services throughout Indonesia, and also has become an Executive Distributor of well-known brands from Korea.

The doctor satisfaction is our priority. We committed to provide the best quality products with competitive prices. All the services supported by our vision and mission to become an advanced company, even as local or global company that always priorityzing on our consumer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a trusted and high quality distributor of beauty products and equipment both domestically and abroad.

Our Mision

  1. Distributing the quality medical equipment and beauty products to all elements of society both domestically and abroad.
  2. Providing the premium services for every community by prioritizing customer comfort, safety and health.
  3. Become a reliable distributor company for all beauty companies/clinics both domestically and abroad.

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